Hatch your next glass with Alevin.


Wild salmon depend on clean water and a habitable environment to swim freely and safe and complete their journey to reproduce. By purchasing this bottle, you help ensure that this mighty species in the Southern Oregon Mountain Range will flourish once again. And so, we cordially invite you to raise a glass and flap your fins (or clap your hands) in excitement!


Our Species


2014 Red Blend

Our 2014 Red Blend has been aged in French oak barrels and has bold flavors of dark fruit and spice, leading to a memorable finish.

Alevin Pinot Gris Bottle.jpg

2016 Pinot Gris

Our 2016 Pinot Gris has a fruit forward opening with fall fruits and citrus elements, leading to a dry finish.


2016 Rosé

Our 2016 Rosé is crisp and refreshing, with bright berry aromas and a floral finish.


2014 Pinot Noir

Our 2014 Pinot Noir is supple, with hints of chocolate and dark fruit; barrel-aged to create a rich, full finish.

By modifying the design, direction, and energy of the stream, we were able to create an additional side-channel habitat for coho salmon. Over the course of several years, this will allow the population to thrive once again.
— Kevin O'Brien, Illinois Valley Watershed Coordinator