Wine that goes straight to the headwaters.


illinois river VALLEY

The creek that runs through more than just our hearts

Sucker Creek is one of three major tributaries that converge to become the wild Illinois River. It also happens to pass through a portion of our estate property. 

Produced by old-school winemakers.


We’re no small fish in the wine industry

Alevin is a new name from a winemaking family that has been producing award-winning wines in the region for more than 30 years. For founder Rene Eichmann, Alevin is about passion and personal responsibility—a way to honor
the past, bottle the present, and prepare for the future. 


Rene Eichmann | Winemaker, Vice President

Having come of age as a person and a winemaker in and around the Illinois Valley, it will always be home for Eichmann and his family. With every bottle of Alevin, he offers the world a chance to sip from his home cup, and to experience the life of a second-generation Oregon winemaker. So too, the sustainable production must feed back into the surrounding ecosystem if this home place is to be home for generations that follow. 

Everyday, we see new ways in which the world at large is actually a small place—where connections abound, and even the smallest ripples make huge impacts as they span across miles.


Delicate, with a fine flourish.

 In order to produce a quality product, the finest attention to detail and ultimate care are the ingredients needed to succeed.